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Tired of thinking in circles?

If you feel stuck, or if you’re worried about change coming your way, let’s talk!
Living in different cultures made me question my own mindset time and again.

Reflecting your experience...

Allowing different perspectives, challenging familiar patterns – this requires time and space.

It's your story.

Thoughts and feelings are often intertwined. An open dialogue can help in disentangling your motivations from received ideas. 
Let’s see where you want to go.

My own story

Christian Schüller
Christian Schüller

I spent most of my life abroad, working as a foreign correspondent in the USA, Latin America, the Soviet Union, Turkey and Iran.  I also created and directed a TV documentary program called “Am Schauplatz”, covering people whose voices are seldom heard. This experience helped me realize that listening attentively is one of the most difficult skills. But I also dicovered that listening is the first step toward change.

That’s why I finally decided to develop my listening skills in a professional way. At the Tavistock Center and at the Institute of Group Analysis in London I learned to work with groups and individuals who want to move beyond well-trodden paths, looking for new possibilities.  

Currently, I am facilitating Reflective Practice Groups in hospitals, social institutions and media organisations. In these groups we reflect on our professional roles, our unspoken assumptions and the various expectations that influence our work. I am also offering individual coaching for executives and employees, keeping in mind both the system we are working in and the personal history that makes us shape our professional role in a particular way.   

I’m looking forward to your Feedback.

Are you interested in creating a Reflective Practice Group in your organization? Are you a an executive looking for systemic-psychodynamic coaching?  Do you want to improve the feedback culture in your organization? Don’t hesitate to contact me!